Sodium Hyaluronate, cosmetic grade, >1800 kDa

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Sodium Hyaluronate, cosmetic grade, >1800 kDa


Name: High Molecular Weight Sodium Hyaluronate

Chemical name: Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium salt

Molecular weight: ≥1,800 kDa

CAS: 9067-32-7

Appearance: White powder or off-white powder

Dosage: 0.1% ~ 0.5%

Shelf life: 2 years

Package100g/bottle, 1kg/bottle

Storage: Sodium Hyaluronate is easy to absorb moisture. It should be stored in a dry place and at low temperature(2°C-10°C).


Usage: Dissolving in water. Heating can accelerate the dissolution of Sodium Hyaluronate.


Functions: Lubricating and film-forming, moisturizing, preventing skin damage, thickening and keeping emulsion stab.



Skin care: cream, emulsion, essence, lotion, gel, facial mask, etc.

Makeup: lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, etc.

Cleansing: facial cleaner, body wash, etc

Hair care: shampoo, hair conditioner, styling gel, hair restorer, etc.


Proper use of Sodium Hyaluronate

Sodium hyaluronate has good compatibility, and can be added into almost any water-containing cosmetics. Its high molecular and high-viscosity properties make it dissolve relatively slow. The higher the molecular weight and the higher the concentration, the slower it can be dissolved.


Recommended dissolution methods:

1. Heat water to 60°C-80°C, slowly add sodium hyaluronate under rapid stirring to make it completely dispersed and fully swelled. Continue to stir it for 20 minutes to 60 minutes so it can be completely dissolved.


2. Add a proper amount of glycerol into the container with sodium hyaluronate. Shake or stir it to make sodium hyaluronate completely soaked. Slowly add 60°C-80 ° C water while stirring, stir until completely dissolved.


3. Add high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate to a solvent such as glycerin, propylene glycol or 1,3-butanediol, stir and mix, then add to the aqueous phase, stir it until completely dissolved.


1, Sodium hyaluronate should be dissolved in pure water or distilled water, in order to guarantee the fine transparency.

2, Sodium hyaluronate is a high-nutrient substance and easy to be contaminated by microorganisms. Once dissolved, try to use it up at one time. If there is residual liquid, please store it with preservative to avoid microbial pollution. Choose preservatives for normal use. Can not be mixed with cationic surfactants or cationic preservatives to avoid turbidity or precipitation reactions.

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