Silicone free thermal pad vs Bergquist Gap Pad 2200SF

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Silicone free thermal inter materials are getting more and more attention recently. GLPOLY is at cutting edge of non silicone thermal interface materials development. Thermal solution design shows the tendency of diversification, for example, more amd more engineers tend to design non silicone thermal pad for electric vehicle, because they are only use thermal silicone pad before.

One of our customers designed thermal solution with bergquist Gap pad 2200SF, after he inquiried the supplier, he wanted to use silicone free thermal pad from a local supplier because of the long lead time, unfavorable price.

Vehicle Control Unit controls the electric engine, gear box and power battery for improving economy, dynamic performance, security and environmental concert. Thus it can be seen, VCU is such a critical element, thermal managent on VCU can not be underestimated.

GLPOLY has designed silicone free thermal pad XK-PN30 for thermal management  system of electric vehicle which could be perfect alternative to bergquist Gap Pad 2200SF. More and more customers inquiry GLPOLY silicone free thermal pad XK-PN30.

GLPOLY can provides a perfect alternative to Gap Pad 2200SF. We offered samples free of charge for testing performance. Thermal conductivity of XK-PN30 is 3.0W/mK, thermal impedance is 0.2in2/W, thermal performance is higher than that of thermal gap pad 2200SF. We are a local manufacturer, we promised a lead time of 15-business days, and 30% off on the gap pad 2200SF’s price. Also we can die-cut parts according to customer’s requirements.

With better performance, favorable price as well as shorter lead time, GLPOLY XK-PN30 has gained increasing recognition from EV manufacturers and thermal management engineers.  GLPOLY XK-PN30 is a perfect alternative to Bergquist Gap Pad 2200SF.

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