Screw Conveyor Spiral

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New patended technology!
Spiral made of UHMWPE, most abrasive resistant plastic in the world!

For repair of weared spirals or for use as wearpad for new ones.

Can be installed directly on weared screw! No more steelworks, welding.


- High abrasion resistance

- Non stick surface, suitable for sticky products

- Agressive chemicals resistant

- Gentle to conveing product

- low noise level

- 4-5 times longer life, compared to steel

- easy to mount directly on steel screw

- good for weared screws repair (2-3 times faster)

- low coefficient of friction

- food contact alowed


Screw diameter: 0-200 mm

Screw pitch: 0-200 mm

Screw length: up to 4000 mm

Screw thickness: 3-15 mm

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