CBB60 AC Motor Start and Run Capacitor

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1.CBB60 AC Motor Start and Run Capacitor

The CBB60 capacitor has a cylindrical aluminum case , riot gear and solder structure.The bottom of the capacitor can also be bolted and drawn out with flexible wires .The capacitor has small size, light weight and good self-healing. It adopts zinc-aluminum edge thickening evaporation process, so it has excellent electrical performance and high reliability. The unique sophisticated technology enables the capacitor to withstand large surges and high voltages.It is suitable for the frequency of 50Hz/60Hz ac single phase motor to start and run power. The shape of the motor capacitor is cylindrical,ABS or PBT  plastic enclosure. It has self-healing property,good stability and reliability.


(1) Widely applied to the starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz frequency power.

(2)Used for Washing machineRefrigeratorWater pump,etc.

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