Tianchi farm portable liquid nitrogen tank

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Tianchi farm portable liquid nitrogen tank

Tianchi farm portable liquid nitrogen tank good insulation, aluminum alloy and durable, liquid nitrogen the hold time good,container can store long biological specimens, preserve animal, semen, biomedical vaccines

Comes with 6 canisters for biological sample storage, only suitable for storage of liquid nitrogen, not for transport.







Static Storage(D):192

Net Weight(KG):11.2

Gross Weight(KG):12.5

Static Power Dissipation(Kg/d):0.09

Packing Size:(CM):42*42*69

Liquid nitrogen container maintenance

1) Insert a wooden ruler into the center of the bottom of the container and remove it after 10 to 15 seconds. The frosting length is the height of the liquid surface. Do not use hollow tubes to check to prevent liquid nitrogen from hurting people from the tube. The liquid level must not be lower than the highest surface of the refrigerated object, and it must be ensured that liquid nitrogen will submerge the refrigerated product. When the liquid nitrogen is vaporized to the point that the chilled product is to be exposed, liquid nitrogen should be added in time.

2) After each item is removed, close the lid of the instrument and wipe the surface of the instrument.

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