Memory Double Pillow

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Memory Double Pillow




It is a pillow made entirely in Italy, thanks to advanced technologies brought by the skills of master craftsmen.


Our signature, 100% Italian quality guarantee.


This pillow is made using the Viscolattice® ​​MEMORY produced in Italy.


Its characteristics: thermo-sensitivity and density that allow for an optimal rest, guaranteeing maximum comfort. The material of realization perfectly adapts to the shape of the head, supporting correctly the weight to recover its original form in a very slow and controlled way (SHAPE MEMORY effect).


Thanks to the way it was realized, the simple movement of the head causes a massage that activates the microcirculation. The compression of the cones promotes the circulation of the air for a transpiring and fresh effect.


The zipper allows you to remove the cover and wash it whenever you want.


The constant research for ever more efficient as well as valuable fibers has led to the production of Microlen®, a fine and flexible fiber thanks to which your rest will always be comfortable.


Microlen® is a breathable as well as hypoallergenic microfiber that offers maximum comfort for those who are looking for a good quality pillow.

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