RedBull 250ml X 24Cans Energy Drink

In Stock: 100k Case
$6 /Case
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Item Code: # 8973
Condition: New (In original box )
Last Visit 27-02-2020

Brand: Red Bull
Product Dimensions:...........32.8 x 21.6 x 13.6 cm
Storage Instructions: Cool and dry conditions
Serving Recommendation: Ice cold straight
Serving Recommendation:.......Ice cold straight or as a mixer with alcohol
Packaging Detail:
250ML x 24PCS = 1 Tray
24 cans / Tray
108 Trays/ pallet
20ft container /26 pallets (2808 Trays) 
40ft container / 33 pallets (3564 Trays) 
Expiry Date: At least 24 Months from shipment date
Available languages: full English, English+German, English+French, English+Spanish.

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