Anaerobic bacteria for anaerobic digestion reactor start up and recovery

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Anaerobic bacteria is a powder containing a specially-formulated range of micro-organisms, which biologically treats wastewaters in the absence of oxygen.


Anaerobic bacteria blend and microbial carrier.

Light tan powder, Weak odor;

Bacteria count >2.9 * 10^9cfu/g;



Anaerobic tank & anoxic tank of wastewater treatment plant

Anaerobic digestion reaction tank                              Septic tank & biogas reactor

HUSB & USAB & SBR & AMBR                                Sewer line & sanitary pipeline



ü  Enhances COD, BOD and TSS removal efficiency for anaerobic treatment system;

ü  Quick start-up and recovery anaerobic system to minimize the lag time;

ü  Higher influent organic loading and increase hydraulic throughput;

ü  Handle upset under cold weather operation;

ü  Eliminates bad odours at their source;

ü  Improves biogas generation & quality

ü  Lower capital costs and power consumption ;

ü  100% natural, non-toxic and chemical free;


Dosage & Method

Dosing is vary to specific project information, pls consult with your account manage.

Dissolve with water at 1: 20 ratios; keep settling 2 hrs for activation before dosing .

Routine dosing can keep performance.



ORP <- 300, D.O<1 mg/L  temperature: 15~45 °C , pH: 6 ~ 9, Salinity <30000 mg/L  



Do not mix use with bleach, caustics, disinfectants or other chemicals


Packing and shelf life

2 year shelf life, 1 kg per foil bag, 10 kg per carton, 15 kg per drum.



Store in cool, dry location, keep out of direct sunshine and moisture. Once opened, should be use it within 30 days to prevent activation. Keep out of reach of children.


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