Nitrifying bacteria to reduce high ammonia nitrogen problem for wastewater treatment

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Nitrifying bacteria is a consortium of vigorous and specific microbes that when add to system,  quickly increases the population to acceptable levels, and enables them to efficiently control the amount of ammonia present by oxidising it to nitrite and further breaking the nitrite down to nitrate.

It thrives in a wide range of wastewater types and responds quickly during upset conditions to restore nitrification. It contains the most outstanding, long-lasting, and consistence result to maintain discharge ammonia compliance.  


Specially formulated combination of Nitrosomonas spp. and Nitrobacter spp

Light yellow liquid, 5 Liter per drum;

Nitrifying rate 600 mgNH4-N L-1 H-1;



All kind of wastewater treatment with ammonia problem

How does it work

Nitrosomonas converts ammonia and ammonium (NH3) to nitrite (No2).

Then bacteria called Nitrobacter finish the conversion of nitrite (NO2) to nitrate (NO3), the process of converting ammonia into nitrate is known as Nitrification.  



ü  Effective coverts ammonia to nitrate in wastewater.

ü  Helps to meet ammonia consent levels.

ü  Reseed Nitrifying bacteria can speed up the nitrification, because naturally occurring Nitrifying bacteria are very slow growing bacteria;

ü  Enhance the nitrification process under toxic, inhibitory, or cold weather conditions;

ü  Upgrade ammonia reduction performance without extra footprint and equipment;

ü  Convert the harmful nitrite/ hydrogen sulfide/ ammonia nitrogen to harmless nitrogen and/or nitrogen oxide;

ü  100% natural, chemical free, eco-friendly solution;


Dosage & Method

Dosage rates is vary to specific project information, please contact with us and we’ll help you work it out.

Ready to use, no need activation, shake before use. Routine dosing can keep performance.



D.O ≥ 2 mg/L, Water temp: 15~45°C, pH: 6 ~ 9, Salinity <30000 mg/L



Do not mix use with bleach, caustics, disinfectants or other chemicals


Packing and storage

5 Liter per drum, Store in cool, dry location, 3 month shelf life if normal storage in cool, dry place,  6 month shelf life if cold storage at 4’C 

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