200kg Warehouse Material Handling Magnetic Navigation Automatic Guided Vehicle Agv

In Stock: 50 Piece
$16500 /Piece
Transportation Other Vehicles
Item Code: # 8615
Condition: New (In original box )
Last Visit 29-11-2019

Technical Parameters
Shape SizeL1300×W500×H280
Driving TypeDouble-drive
Guidance TypeMagnetic Tape Guidance
Walking directionBidirectional Walking
Transport Capacity≤500Kg
Climbing Capacity≤3°
Traveling Speed0-45m/min
Turning Radius≥180°
Storage BatteryDC24V80AH
Carry Type Latent traction

Product advantage:
(1) improve logistics efficiency, improve production efficiency;
(2) reduce handling labor and reduce labor costs;
(3) to enhance the degree of automation, enhance corporate image

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