Tranexamic Acid

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Tranexamic acid (TXA) is a plasminogen activator inhibitor. In recent years, tranexamic acid has been widely used in various cosmetics as a new cosmetic raw material because of its unique biological activity, and its effect is about 50 times higher than that of vitamin C, and is nearly 10 times that of fruit acid. The tranexamic acid produced by COSROMA is a water-soluble white powder with a purity of up to 99%.

Tranexamic acid's features and benefits:

Good stability

Compared with traditional cosmetic ingredients, tranexamic acid has no irritation, high stability, strong acid and alkali resistance, and is not susceptible to temperature environment and transmission system, and does not require carrier protection.

Easy to be absorbed by the skin system

The tranexamic acid is non-irritating and mild, and it can balance the overall skin tone.


Tranexamic acid has been patented on skin care products and is a recognized cosmetic ingredient that is non-irritating to the skin. Clinical trials have shown that tranexamic acid can effectively exert its skin care benefits.

INCI Name: Tranexamic acid

CAS No: 701-54-2; 1197-18-8

M.F.: C8H15NO2

M.W.: 157.2g/mol



White crystalline powder


Odorless and has a bitter taste


Freely soluble in water and glacial Acetic acid;

Very slightly soluble in ethanol;

Practically insoluble in Ether;

Dissolves in sodium hydroxide TS.


Ninhydrin reaction produces a Deep purple colour

The dried precipitate formed with p-toluenesulfonic acid melts between 265.0℃-266.0℃

Clarity of solution

Clear and colourless

Readily carbonizable substances

NO colour develops


 99.0% of C8H15No2(dried)



Heavy metals






Loss on drying


Residue on ignition


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