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The AWG CWDM4 module of HYC is based on silicon chip technology. It has compact, easy-to-assemble structure and good reliability. It can replace TFF (thin film filter) type CWDM. It is widely used in 40G and 100G high-speed active optical modules for optical signal Mux and Demux, such as QSFP+, QSFP28, etc.


Adequate Working Bandwidth (to effectively meet the high and low temperature wavelength drift problem)
Each channel pass band of AWG CWDM4 has sufficient working bandwidth, and can maintain the optimal insertion loss index under the influence of high and low temperature. Optical signal can not escape the working bandwidth of AWG CWDM4.

Good Uniformity
Because of the planar waveguide technology, AWG CWDM4 has very good channel uniformity, and the insertion loss difference between channels is small, so there is no need to compensate the power of individual channels.

Compact Design (perfect combination of compact size and microbend optical fibers)
AWG CWDM4 device can be installed in very narrow space. Its main size can be compressed to within 15mm long,2mm wide,and 2mm high. Because of Corning Clear Curve ZBL fiber being used, the bending radius of the fiber reaches 5mm, almost zero bending loss, high fidelity and high transmission rate.

Compliance with International Standards
The AWG CWDM4 module of HYC conforms to RoHS and Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE.






Channels space  20nm
Center wavelength1271,1291,1311 ,1331nm
Return loss≥40dB


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