Safebuy Car cooling fan universal electric 9" 24v 12v condenser car fan

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1. 4 inch Dameter 5 pcs ABS fan

2.with two head fan,two speed control

3.fixed by two pcs of super glue cushion

4. with speed regulation switch

5. with oscillating controller

6. operated by 12v or 24v DC (optional)

7. color box size:27*11.5*13CM

7. use in a car, bus, truck, plane, RV, boat



1.After open the packing,please properly handle bags in order to avoid chinldren or pets suffocation.

2.Before use,pls place the fan smoothly.

3.Please do not place in much soot,dustplaces for using.

4.Do not use the fan pointed directly at the fire or gas for blowing,Do not put any metal or flammable items into the product,in order to avoid trouble and fires.

5.Do not use at places where near fire or has the high temperature,waste paper,scrap metal.

6.Do not dip part of fan or the whole machine into water for cleaning,when using in the outdoor if there is thunder,please stop immediately,in order to avoid electric shock and fire.

7.The baby under adult supervision for using ,please keep infants and young children far away from dry battery.

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