Star Lux Leather Desk Set 11 Pieces

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Star Lux Leather Desk Set 11 Pieces - By Guner Ofis

-          Elegant model with high quality craftmanship and material quality. 11 useful accessories with impressive color combination of wood and leather.

-          Made of good quality materials and produced with 11 accessories


-          Accessories ;

o   Desk pad with cover, sizes 60x40 cm, you can hide important documents easily

o   Double paper tray with high quality golden accessories with cream color velvet fabric

o   Picture frame to remember your loved ones

o   Block note case, for easy access to note papers when needed.

o   Pen Holder, to organize your pens and have easy access to use them

o   Coaster, to keep clean your table, small item but very useful

o   Calendar holder, to write your not efor your future plans and remind yourselve important notes such as meetings, dates, dinner and gatherings.

o   Business card holder with paper clip pocket, to reach easily to your business card when you need to give it to your visitors and business associates. Paper clips are our one of the helpers in our Daily business life. But where should we keep them ? paper clip pocker is right here for you.

o   Golden roller pen and fountain pen set, these two pens offer you flexible choice of writing. You can use either roller pen or fountain pen. Is not it good to have a choice ? and golden name holder is the last item to complete your professional look on the table.


-          Color Options ;


o   Black

o   Brown

o   Gray

o   White

o   Emerald ( Green)


-          Desk pad sizes ; 58x39 cm

-          Desk pad has a cover. So you can hide your important documents easily

-          Warranty is 2 years

-          Lifetime is 10 years ( under normal circumstances )

-          Made in Turkey

-          %100 Hand made

-          No Toxic materials. healthy

-          %100 recycled. Eco friendly

-          Packed in separate box, well protected




1.      Desk set is shrink wrapped in the machine first

2.      Put into the carton box. Box size : 54x39x10 cm

3.      Carton box weight

a.       Net weight, 5,75kg

b.      Gross weight, 6,30 kg

4.      5 sets are put into the big box. Box size, 66x44x55 cm

5.      Big box gross weight ; 33,20 kg

6.      Big box volume : 0,16 m3

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