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This vending machine has been designed by our company to provide usage limitation of personal

protective equipment products on the employee basis.

Standard 6 Trays - 54 Selections,

Adjustable Trays and Various Spiral Selections, Wheel Base

Advantages of the PPE Vending Machine

·         Reduce inventory cost to minimum level

·         Prevent inattentive usage

·         Provide savings due to controlled consumption

·         24/7 operation

·         Increase productivity

·         Abolish supply problems


The set up can be in two different adjustments; restricted with personnel cards or unrestricted. For instance: Personnel A is identified to receive 2 pairs of gloves, 1 pair of eyeglasses, 1 mask per month. (It can also be identified daily, weekly, or annually). The personnel cannot obtain any other products except the identified limit from the machine. The defined equipment is reported for all personnel who are identified and use the PPE Vending Machine. In this way, the stock controller can receive daily, weekly, monthly reports and reduce his/her workload. The cost of the whole operation is being reduced as well.
Usage of the products is determined by the relevant authorities on staff basis.

Samples of the equipment that are intended to be used in the PPE machine can be sent to us and we can shoot videos showing the products being dispensed, after the adjustment. The slots of the machine are adjusted according the samples received from yourselves.


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