Canned health food powder filling machine/rice flour automatic filling line

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Equipment introductions:

This equipment abandoned the original rotary tank feeding concept and has a newly designed double station canned filling The single-row main and supplementary double-head filling system and the original feeding tank system ensure high precision and solve the inconvenience of cleaning the rotary-plate feeding tank system problem. It mainly completes high- precision filling metering work. It can work with other equipment to make up a completed canning production line, Suitable for canned milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, glucose, rice powder, cocoa powder, solid drink, etc.


Equipment features:

1.Single row double head filling which have main and supplementary filling can ensure high canned filling accuracy.

2.Servo and pneumatic system control cans and leveling cans, accurate and fast.

3.Servo motor and servo drive control the screw, stable performance and high precision.

4.All stainless steel construction;Horizontal open material box (inside and outside polishing),  convenient to clean.

5.PLC control system, touch screen man-machine interface display, easy to operate.

6.The high reaction speed weighing system guarantees high accuracy.

7.Working process:

Cans enter →Hold up the cans → Vibrating → Metering → Vibrating → Vibrating → Weighing Feedback → Supplementary Filling → Check weighing, Remove bad products →Cans come out




Measuring method

Twin screw filling head measuring

Filling weight(g)

100 2000

Container size(mm)

Φ60135; H 60260

Filling accuracy(g)

100500, ≤±1%; ≥500,≤±2%

Filling capacity(can/min)

>50(#502) ; >55(#300#401)

Power supply

3P  AC208415v   50/60Hz

Total power(kw


Total weightkg


Compressed air

6kg/cm  0.2cbm/min

Dimension L×W×H(mm)


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