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Our Triple-Primed Artist Canvas is coated with an acrylic Titanium Based formulation to ensure maximum protection against any traces of harmful impurities that may develop over the years as a result of ageing.

To achieve this, a neutralizing agent is included to absorb any traces of acidic compounds. The whiteness of the canvas is enhanced by the use of Titanium Dioxide pigment of the highest purity.

Our Primed Artist canvas is available in different weights and available in 100% cotton and mixed polyester cotton blends.

Care and cleaning

Keep free of dirt and dust as much as possible. Remove dust with feather duster or dry white cloth.

For stubborn dirty/dust marks only use plain luke warm water. Do NOT use soaps or detergents on the pre-primed coating.

Product Overview

Our canvas rolls are universally primed on 100% cotton. The canvas is primed at a high temperature controlled auto machine with high quality Titanium Gesso, specially formulated and developed by our technical team.

Our primed coated canvas ensures consistency in surface, is ready to use and no further coat is required before painting.The canvas is supplied individually rolled around a heavy inner cardboard and packed.

The canvas is available in 5 oz, 7 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz and 14 Oz with effects of double / triple primed in 5 mtrs, 10 mtrs, 25 mtrs, 50 mtrs,100 mtrs, 6 yard, 12 yard, 30 yard, 50 yard and 100 yard continuous length on order.Our canvas is available from width 27"inches to 144" inches.Also available in 100% Cotton Black Primed Canvas.

Technical Specification:


Priming : Acrylic Titanium Gesso

Quality : Double / Triple Primed

Roll Length : 5 mtrs, 10 mtrs, 25 mtrs, 50mtrs, 100mtrs, 6 yard, 12 yard, 30 yard, 50 yard and 100 yard

Packing: Cardboard tube then wrap L.D.P.E

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