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Baer Müller assists Fund Beneficiaries with securing all their overdue accrued interests associated with their existing Fund Transactions.

Accrued interest is the interest on a fund that has accumulated since the existence of the fund (principal). Accrued interest is calculated and overdue to be paid in set intervals (for instance annually or semi-annually). All Funds accumulate accrued interests over time, which is usually after the first year of its existence.

Without the official request and processing of accrued interests directly from the custodian bank of an original beneficiary fund, accrued interests cannot be released separately from the original beneficiary fund, and would usually be compounded with the original fund, thus, released with the original fund.

Baer Müller assists Fund Beneficiaries with securing all their overdue accrued interests on their original beneficiary funds, separately from their main original beneficiary funds. This efficient service which is empowered by our several bank partners, enables Fund Beneficiaries to utilize their released accrued interests in meeting any pending financial obligations required for their various financial and fund transactions.

With over 7 years professional experience in the overdue accrued interests fund industry, our tailor made approach is strategically designed to efficiently suite all fund beneficiaries, with guaranteed high customer satisfaction at the conclusion of their Accrued Interest Funds (AIF) release process.

Our Specialization includes but not limited to;

Inheritance Funds | Contract Funds | Investment Funds | Owed Payment Funds | Lotto Funds | Clearing House Funds | Precious Metals Funds | Financial Instrument Funds | Beneficiary Funds 

Our Professional services includes;

AIF File Creation | AIF File Management | AIF Release Management 

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