Oil Press Filter Machine

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General Industrial Equipment Filters
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PF plate and frame press oil filter machine is designed for energy plants, commercial and exploration substations, lubes warehouse, tractor station, essential oil, chemical, concrete, metallurgy and so on. It can cleanse transformer necessary oil, turbine olive oil, hydraulic natural oils, gear skin oils, lubricating acrylic and eliminate water, mechanical impurities. Plate and frame press oil purifier is was comprised of filter mattress, plates, crude oil pump, electric motor and blocking papers. The actual filter your bed and dishes consist of the filter home, between the china, the documents as selection media. Additionally, it can do fuel oil based, cooking petroleum by using unique materials as well as motor. PF plate and frame press oil filter machine has a easy structure, handy filter alternative, high purification precision, simple operation, affordable.



1. Plate and frame press oil filter machine require less location than other toned screen filtering at the same circulation rate.

2. It can choose to include magnetic separators to do the very first filter moderate to remove the actual impurities, it may reduce the usage of filter papers.

3. Plate and frame press oil filter machine utilizes impurity build up formation from the filter dessert for accuracy filtration coating, filtration accurate was enhanced greatly.


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