steel pipe fittings and pipe

In Stock: 3mil Piece
€15 /Piece
General Hardware Pipe Fittings
Item Code: # 3645
Condition: Used (Grade A)
Last Visit 19-04-2018

Our main  products have pipe fittings(elbow,flange,bend,tee,reducer,olet,bolt, gasket,nipple,coupling,plug,cap,cross...) and steel pipe.
  Elbow have LR Elbow and SR Elbow,and are divided into 45 degree,90 degree and 180 degree.
  Tee have equal tee and reducing tee.
  Reducer have CON reducer and ECC reducer.
  Olet have threadolet, weldolet,sockolet,elbolet,sweepolet,nipolet,boss,flanged olet...
  And the flange and pipe have a lot of kinds, in all our products are of good quality and complete.Our products main material is carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. 

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