Ukraine genuine leather women's low shoes Passo Avanti (6213)

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SKU: 6213
Season: Spring
Color: Leopard color
Upper Material: Genuine leather/Lacquer
Lining Material: Genuine Leather
Insole: Genuine Leather
Sole: Thermo – rubber
Heel height: 0,5 cm.  
Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Model 6213 is a shoe lace. Lightweight and comfortable leopard color allow to adopt the elegant gait of this beautiful predator. Good hunting ensures a neat and elegant look of shoes.

Special chic of the models gives lacquered black inserts in the front and a small decorative "snake" in side. Shoes are fixed with laces that allows you to adjust their volume. Flat sole allows to make long-distance attacks.

Leopard tones in women's clothes were popular in ancient Egypt. The second wave of "predatory" motives in the ladies' locker room (with a light hand of actress Marian Nixon) began in 1925. And since then, it is not quenched. On the crest of this particular wave of designers Passo Avanti created elegant leopard shoes for your feet.

                                                  Characteristic of materials

1. Genuine leather footwear looks like aristocratic at all times, it shows a sense of style and good taste of its owner. For leather easy to care for, it isn't so easy to break or damage. Leather products serve you for a long time without changing their appearance.

2. In spite of its high cost products of genuine leather are cost-effective purchase. After all, they will serve you for years to come. This will look like as if you purchased them last week. Special refinement and elegance - that's what distinguishes of the product of genuine leather.

3. Shoes with lining and insole made of natural leather allows your legs all the time to stay in the
most comfortable temperature. These shoes will protect you from both the cold and the heat. But most importantly - wearing such models, you will discover the incredible softness of delicate natural leather, which allows you to always feel cozy and comfortable.

4. Rubber sole proved to be excellent in the shoe industry. Shoes with rubber sole resistant to ice, durable, long time wear out, doesn't crack from the difference of temperature. Keep it simple and easy. Rubber sole is flexible.

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