Ukraine genuine leather women's low shoes Passo Avanti (6202)

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Shoes & Accessories Ladies' Dress Shoes
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SKU: 6202
Season: Spring
Color: Black
Upper Material: Genuine leather/Lacquer
Lining Material: Genuine Leather
Insole: Genuine Leather
Sole: Polyurethane
Heel height: 2,5 cm.  
Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Model 6202 - Leather shoes on a high black sole. These amazingly comfortable shoes, thanks to lacquered top and classic design are appropriate in everyday life, everyday life and working life. They are perfect look with pants. Shoes designed for those whose day goes in motion.

Soft leather sole will let your legs don't get tired during the difficult saturated affairs and day's troubles. And polyurethane tsole allow shoes to withstand all the rigors of your daily life and do not communicate at the same time. Fixes the shoe on the foot black elegant jumper.

Designers Passo Avanti joined in this model, the elegance of classic ladies' shoes with the convenience and comfort of moccasins.

                                                        Characteristic of materials

1. Leather products don't get dirty, don't rush, they serve you faithfully for many years. Always look elegant and original, don't require special efforts. They will not spoil even a slight abrasion or a small patch. Since ancient times people leather shoes decorated with exquisite taste.

2. Shoes with lining and insole made of natural leather allows your legs all the time to stay in the most comfortable temperature. These shoes will protect you from both the cold and the heat. But most importantly - wearing such models, you will discover the incredible softness of delicate natural leather, which allows you to always feel cozy and comfortable.

3. Polyurethane - it is a material that has a number of useful properties of the shoe. The shoes with polyurethane soles are not afraid of mud, since the material is moisture. It is not afraid of cold, since polyurethane soles don't respond to the temperature difference. Even the electric current in it can't be afraid: polyurethane doesn't conduct electricity.

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