Assen ZYD Transformer Oil Filtration Machine,Reconditioning Aging Insulating Oils.

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ZYD transformer oil filtration process serves to improve the properties of insulating oil. It eliminates the acid nature, over moisture, traces of water, dissolved gases, and particulate matter from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly. The bottom line of this purification process is to enhance the performance level of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cables, and capacitors. All these equipment and machinery use an insulating system.

After treatment, we guarantee the following index;




Gas content



Impurity size


≤1 (no free carbon)

Breakdown voltage






Acid value



Dielectric loss factors




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1. ZYD machine is equipped with a two-stage vacuum pumping speed and advanced dewatering and degassing system. It adopts large-area three-dimensional flashing technology to remove harmful components such as moisture, impurities, and hydrocarbons in oil quickly and efficiently, and improve the flashpoint and dielectric strength of insulating oil.

2. The ZYD equipment is capable of oiling and vacuuming the transformer body during installation or overhaul.

3. ZYD is equipped with a high-precision filtration system, which uses high-quality filter elements and multi-stage filtration step-by-step encryption to effectively remove mechanical impurities in the oil and configure automatic detection of filter contamination.

4. ZYD machine is equipped advanced automatic thermostat control system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic defoaming control system, and automatic pressure protection system to ensure high-performance operation of the equipment.

5. ZYD machine is user-friendly, low noise, easy to operate, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption, and low operating cost.

6. ZYD machine is equipped with an interlocking safety protection system, which is connected with oil discharge system, vacuum dehydration system, and heating system to avoid the adverse effects caused by misoperation.

Optional Model;

1.     Optional P.L.C. intelligent panel control, touch screen operation and dynamic display according to user needs.

2.     Optional Online PPM Meter, Optional flow meter with accumulator function.

3.     Optional frequency converter, you can adjust the flow according to your needs

4.     Optional external port design for transformer vacuum pumping

5.     The whole structure can be made into mobile, fixed, fully enclosed, concealed, canvas, open type.

6.     Optional three stage high vacuum system for higher vacuum degree work.

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