GLPOLY Thermal gel is applying to robot, help double the service life of your device

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GLPOLY thermal gel/thermal paste is non-cured, no drip off, extending service life of devices and defeating 95% of competitors.

Competing products is similar to thermal silicone grease with a short service life, one or two years. Rivals’ thermal gel will volatilize and cure, causing thermal conducting to fail. GLPOLY thermal gel features ultra low thermal resistance, non-cure, non-drip off, just few of thermal management materials suppliers can make it. this is not bragging, it is truth.

A robot design company found me and consulted about thermal interface materials with thermal conductivity of 3.0W/mK or higher and 5-year service life.  As precise devices require high thermal performance and paste materials provide higher performance than solid materials, we recommended XK-G30 thermal gel to customer.

But customer reply rapidly with doubt, “is thermal gel workable? We are using a thermal gel in our products, it performance well at the beginning, but we need to replace it once a year when it cures and fail to transmit heat.” This customer used a famous brand in Shenzhen. We knew about this situation much, the thermal gel will cure like thermal silicone grease in one year, and it drips off polluting other components. I assured customer that GLPOLY thermal gel will not cure in six years and it provdes a longer life than device’s.

I suggested customer make an accelerated aging test to shorten design cycle. Customer accepted my suggestion and fixed test conditions: high temperture 150 degree centigrade, 720 hours, changes were within 5%. Comparing with rival’s changes of 10%, GLPOLY’s standard is much more rigorous.

One month later, customer opened test chamber and found that GLPOLY XK-G30 thermal gel remained paste status. Performance test showed that changes of thermal conductivity and thermal impedance were less than 3%. “this is the best what I had test ever.” GLPOLY XK-G30 had been listed in customer’s supplier system. There is no quality complaint for nine consecutive years.

GLPOLY XK-G30 thermal gel provides ultra low thermal impedance of 0.001in2/W, it wets out interfaces decreasing contact thermal resistance. XK-G30 had been verified by the third party for shocking test and aging test. Now GLPOLY is qualified partner to DJI, ZTE and GAC Auto.

If there is only one supplier can meet your thermal management requirements, it would be GLPOLY.

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