ATN NVM-14 Gen.3 Night Vision Monocular Generation III Scope

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ATN NVM-14 Gen.3 Night Vision Monocular is a hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted, or weapon-mounted night vision system that enables walking, driving, weapon firing, short-range surveillance, map reading, vehicle maintenance, and administering first aid in both moonlight and starlight. Each unit allows for vertical adjustment (by using head straps), fore-and-aft adjustment, objective lens focus, and eyepiece focus. The NVM 14 Night Vision Monocular from ATN is also equipped with an infrared light emitting source. The optical system of this Night Vision Riflescopes Night Vision Riflescopes consists of: an objective lens, an image intensifier tube and an eyepiece. ATN NVM-14 Night Vision monocular utilizes the principle of intensification of the residual light which is reflected from the surrounding objects.

Features :

    Multi Purpose unit
    Compact yet rugged design
    Hand held monocular
    Hands free goggle (with optional head gear or helmet mount)
    Night-time photography (with use of optional camera adapter)
    Day/Night weapon sight (with the use of the optional weapon mount)
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
    This night vision unit is also available in Gen.2+ and Gen.4

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