Peat moss neutralized

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Agriculture Peat
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Peat moss neutralized

- for the installation of lawns;
- to improve the structure of sandy and clay soils;
- for mulching crops, abstraction circles of berry shrubs and fruit trees;
- as a component of nutrient mixtures and feeding for the cultivation of a wide range of vegetable and flower crops, berry shrubs and fruit trees;
- for shelter from frost flowers, fruit shrubs and trees.

Peat moss (a mixture of sifted milling and carved peat moss, which provides optimal oxygen access to plant roots).
Limestone flour (for desalination of the substrate as a valuable limestone fertilizer).

Fraction: 0 – 10 mm
Mass fraction of moisture (not more than), % - 65
Acidity (pH) of salt suspension 5.5 - 6.5
Free of weeds and pathogenic inclusions
Product are packed with a compression factor 2.1
Before use it is necessary to fluff by the instruction.

Packing: Big bale, volume 5200 L. (5,2 m³).

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