Backpack for girls by Deal Especial (Yellow)

المتاح: ۱ قطعة
$۱۰ /قطعة
أمتعة وحقائب وشنط حقائب اليد للسيدات
رمز المنتج: # ۹۸۹۱
الحالة: جديد (في العلبة الأصلية)
اخر زيارة ۱۹-۰۹-۲۰۲۰

This Deal Especial bag comes with adjustable straps allowing you to use it as a backpack or shoulder bag. You can try six different ways of wearing this bag based on your choice and preference. This feature makes it a versatile bag. This attractive handbag is made of synthetic material. The fine stitching of the bag along with quality zipper used makes it sturdy and durable. The material used provides a touch of leather look making it appear simple yet ravishing. This lovely bag has a smart USB Cable Port that allows you to charge your phone with a power bank while you are using it. You can also connect your headphones through the AUX cable while your phone / iPod is inside your bag.

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