CNC Engraving Machine CNC Router Kit 4x8

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CNC Router Engraving Machine Kit

CNC Router Kit 4x8 Model. EA-1325SVL is a basic machine with working size 1300mm by 2500mm; It is equipped with origin Italy HSD spindle which is the best quality spindle on the world for cnc router machine; another advantage of EA-1325SVL is it’s table, which is a perfect combination of T-slot and vacuum; this table design increase 30% possibility of clamping work piece by clamp compared with regular vacuum table design.

Material good for cnc router 4x8 is solid wood, MDF, plastic, PVC, acrylic, and other nonmetal materials.

Net Weight | 1350KGS

Max. Power Consumption | 12KW

Working Power | AC380V/50-60Hz, 3 Phase 4 Wires

XYZ Linear | HIWIN rail, origin from Taiwan

Z Transmission | Rolling balls crew

XY Transmission | Helical rack and pinion

Vacuum Pump | Water-ring, 5.5kw, 230CBM/h air flow

Working Table | PVC vacuum with T-slot

Controller | DSP A11 or NK105G2

Spindle | Air cooling 3.0kw, origin HSD from Italy, variable speed 0-18,000RPM

Drive Motor | Big torque stepping

Max. Routing Speed | 20,000mm/min

Max. Idle Running Speed | 35,000/min

Machining Precision | 0.1mm / 100mm

Feeding Height | 200mm

XY Working Size | 4’x8’



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