Super EER Inverter 24000 Btu

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*****SUPER ENERGY EFFICIENT                                      AIR CONDITIONERS******

7.2 Kw 24000 Btu 2.0 Ton

The new technology around the power saving of these units is the design of a two stage Tombarthite
Compressor which has a carbon and silicon coated rotor, making it stronger, lighter in turn reducing the friction
in the operation of the rotor at high speeds greatly reducing its power consumption and makes it super quiet.
The units now have system optimization technology built into them and high technology advanced sensors that
help with the ability to sense the set temperature of the room in relation to the outdoor ambient temperature
almost immediately. This means that the unit can measure, calculate and adjust its power consumption to its
requirements every 30 seconds compared to a normal inverter that only has the ability to calculate every 15
minutes. Therefore it can constantly adjust the power consumption in a real life situation and not by a
preprogrammed setting.
In standby mode the new mother board can cut power consumption from 4-5W to 0.5W, compared to conventional air conditioners

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