Focus Wireless Siren with sound and flash light

المتاح: ۱الف قطعة
€۲۳.۵ /قطعة
أنظمة الأمن والحماية إنذار
رمز المنتج: # ٤٤۸۵
الحالة: جديد (في العلبة الأصلية)
اخر زيارة ۳۰-۰۹-۲۰۲۲

It is used with focus alarm panel or remote controller for sound and light alarm
Functions and Specification:
1.It can work with alarm panel and controlled by panel. It can work with wireless detectors or remote without panel.
2.It can code maximum 48 wireless equipments.
3.It is powered with adaptor and DC12V 500mA rechargeable battery
4.It is tamper-resistant to against moving or open. 
5.It fit for to be installed in porch, window at home or store. 
6.It can realize alarm and disalarm answer and react.
7.Power voltage:DC15V

8.Alarm Sound:110dB
9.Standby current:8mA
10.Alarm current:<=500mA
12.Receiving distance:100m

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