Linear Guide Rail Blocks Cage Carriages For CNC Router Linear Guideway

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Linear Guide Rail Blocks Cage Carriages For CNC Router Linear Guideway

Linear guideways can achieve a long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion. It is widely used in CNC machines such ascnc router machinecnc laser machinecnc plasma cutting machinecnc turning lathe, cnc milling machine etc.

Block types:
Usually offers two types of linear guide block which are flange linear slide cage and square linear rail blocks. Because of the low assembly height and larger mounting surface, the flange type is suitable for heavy moment load application.

The 4 rows of steel balls forms 45 degree contact with the grooves at 4 positions will balance the loads form all direction. This design that permits even load capacity in all directions no matter how the rails are mounted is widely adopted in all types of machines. Compared with the 2-groove Gothic design, the 4-groove construction is of better rigidity, accuracy and life. In particular, the auto-adjust capability allows quick accurate linear motions by eliminating the deviation of the mounting planes and the assembly errors.

Linear motion rails & blocks advantages are:
 1. Quick light movements.
 2. Lower friction.
 3. Bigger load ratings. 
 4. Higher stability.

Linear Guide Seal Design:
Incursion of foreign objects is normally the major reason of life shortening for rails because the accuracy of linear guides relies very much on circulation of the steel ball between the slide and the rail. Even the incursion of smallest objects can cause skipping and bumping of the slide and lead to permanent damage. Therefore, seal design is the key to linear slide quality. The seal design in linear guides is divided into top and bottom seal systems aiming at the incursion passage of the foreign objects.
Passages of particle incursion:
1. Screw holes: The particles caught at the rail holes get into the circulation groove via vibration cause by machine movements.
2. Gap in between the slide and the rail: This is the closest incursion passage and is normally the passage for bigger particle particularly for the longer rails.

Linear Guideway Advantages:
1. The slide moves quieter
Linear guide use high polymer bush to isolate the circulation steel balls and eliminate the chances of unpleasant noises.
2. Better lubrication
The high polymer bush in linear guide improves the lubrication.
3. Uniform life time
Circulation bush guarantees the expected life time of the linear slide for the facts below: 
1. No noise of steel ball collision against the metallic tube as the conventional linear slides.
2. Lubrication is better compared to the conventional linear slides. 
3. Less friction between the steal balls and the tube in high speed.
Circulation bush guarantees the expected life time of the linear slide for the facts below,
Circulation system reserves a lot of space for retaining oil and is able to keeps a lot more oil. When linear slide moves, the oil inside spreads all over the prolongs the life
Permissible Moment
Loads calculation for linear guides differs between single-rail and dual-rail. In the single-rail system, calculating the load must consider the moment given by external force in 3 dimensions, and must calculate the equivalent load permissible moment

We can supply you many brands bearing blocks such as HIWIN, PMI, TBI, ABBA, THK, IKO, CSK, CPC, NSK, SKF, ISEL, LSK, STAF, FAG, INA, Rexroth, HRB, LYC etc.

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